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"Because it's the cup" is going to be my answer for everything

  • Why isn't your work done?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • Why can't you come out with us tonight?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • How are you out of money already?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • Why do you look so tired?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • Why is your voice gone?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • Why haven't you moved from that spot in days?
  • Because it's the Cup.
  • Why are you drinking alone in your room?
  • Because it's the Cup.

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Even after falling down and sliding into the goalie net, Brendan Gallagher has still got a smile on his face.

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I need my glasses to find my glasses do you see my problem

You can’t even see your problem

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The New York Rangers have clinched the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs!